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What People Are Saying...

"I was never interested in "getting paid to surf, read email or browse the Internet" so I was leery about joining a website like yours but filling out survey's , giving my opinion and participating in online discussion groups seemed quite different. I am so very glad that I purchased!" - Pam Green

"They gave me $25 just for filling out a short questionairre. I honestly couldn't believe they were going to pay me but I got the payment today! Unbelievable!" - Jennifer Harris

How Much Is Your Opinion Worth?

Just answer a quick paid online surveys. If you could get paid $15-$75 just for filling out simple 20 minute surveys online, how many times would you do that in a day? If you could earn $50-$125 for participating in focus groups and panels for 30-60 minutes , would you do it?

Companies Need Your Opinion!

Did you know that every single day marketing corporations, advertising firms and major brand name labels are creating and testing new products and services? In order to maximize their profits they need to ensure that the general public would be interested in new and upcoming releases. How do you think they guarantee their success long before the rest of the world knows about it?

These companies are willing to pay the average consumer to fill out questionairres, online surveys and participate in discussion groups just to ENSURE that their product is worth releasing!

For years, only a select group of people were paid by these companies to give their input and opinions on these paid online surveys and online panels.. but not anymore!

We are your special link to over 590+ exclusive internet based marketing research firms. Our goal is to provide you direct access to the decision makers for the products and services you purchase and use everyday. Our exclusive list of research firms want to know your opinion and they are willing to pay you top dollar for it. As a consumer your participation in opinion surveys and research groups is vital. Your feedback helps major companies decide what to sell and the best way to sell it. By helping these companies profit you will be making a profit yourself. It's a good idea made simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I get paid per survey and how many can I take?
A: The amount a survey pays will be posted at the top of the survey and average $15-$75+ or more an hour and $50-$125+ an hour just for participating in online panels and discussion groups. You can take as many surveys as you wish.

Q: How many surveys are there to take?
A: Once you become of PaidSurveysOnline4u.com you will have access to over 590+ surveys daily.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: You will be paid by check sent to your mailing address that you provide when taking a survey. After your account held with the survey company reaches a particular limit (usually $25.00) you will be issued a check. You can check your balance by calling the Member Support telephone number provided on the website of the survey company or via their members only area of their site.

Q: What does PaidSurveysOnline4u.com and the other survey companies do with my information?
A: Your privacy is protected by PaidSurveysOnline4u.com. Your information is never rented or sold to a third party and you will never receive any unwanted offers as a result of your membership with PaidSurveysOnline4u.com. The survey companies do not use your personal information with the exception of tracking your payments for the surveys. Additional privacy and security issues for each survey company are provided on their sites.

Q: When will I get my username and password for PaidSurveysOnline4u.com?
A: Right after you sign up for an account with PaidSurveysOnline4u.com you will be given your username and password.

Q: What are focus groups and who are you looking for?
A: Focus group program is separate from survey membership service. For focus group recruitment we are looking for all kinds of people, but anyone with sales, clerical, and customer service experience is strongly encouraged to submit a resume for consideration. There is no fee to participate.

Get Started Today! Please join and participate in our survey and research efforts. You'll become part of a growing field of independent internet survey and research professionals simply by participating in surveys and being promptly paid cash by our over 590+ exclusive internet based marketing research firms.

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