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Paul Barrs

Who is Paul Barrs ...

Paul lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia, with his three children Tiffanie, Tobi, and Taylor. As a single father, Paul found it was essential be able to work from home.

In his early thirties, he has been fortunate to be involved with many different businesses, and projects. Originally as an employee, Paul excelled in all areas of management and sales.

He has worked as a Manager with Pizza Hut and Woolworths, overseeing as many as 80 staff, and as a Corporate Fleet Sales Consultant for a major Motor Dealer.

Prior to his involvement in business, during the early years of his career, Paul completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree with the University of Wollongong, where he studied theater performance and writing. He has performed in both live theater, film and radio - in almost all major cities of Australia, plus Canada and the USA. He has been on the board of directors of performing Arts Companies and festivals, and had also been a co-founder of his own theater events company.

So why did he turn to business? His answer is simple: to be able to spend more time with his children.

Paul now runs a successful
Home Based Business as a Business Coach, teaching other budding Home Business Operators how to get started towards their own profitable Business Adventure.

Through lessons of necessity, and an extensive 500 book in house library, Paul has developed the skill to provide new business people with the technical know-how and resources to steer their business in the right direction - the First Time!

In a recent interview, when asked why he turned to web-based training, he replied,

The Internet gives the home business operator the ability to leverage their time in a way that is not possible with conventional business or training.

We've put together a training site of massive proportions. I know from years of research, that there is nothing else like in the world. It really is a one stop shop for home business education, and with the future interactive training programs we've have planned, we will be able to take our clients right through from start up to success and completion."

Off-line, Paul has also served as President of the Home Front Business Association Inc. (The Association for Home Based Businesses). He has established relationships with many small business people in his local area - where he offers affordable access to custom Voice mail / Fax Back systems, Joint Venture Marketing Strategies, Web Development, and hands on Business strategy training.

With over ten years experience in Public Speaking, Paul is an accomplished Trainer, Motivator and entertainer. By accessing the combined Power and Wealth of his own personal library, Paul is able to bring strength to any business forum or training seminar.

What does the future hold for this young man? Well, he prays that he should be granted long life, along with his family, and those that he loves.

And should you learn nothing from visiting his extensive web based training site, Paul would ask that you learn to understand this quote from a recent seminar .

"Education without Action

Is for the Uneducated."

- Paul Barrs

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