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Knowing Every Step to Five Legitimate Businesses...

Start Home Business - Guide To Five Legitimate Businesses ...

Instant Home Business

by Donny Lowy
(About The Author)

Start you own business immediately with this 276-page Master Piece!

'Instant Home Business' covers five businesses that you can immediately start with little money or experience. You can be assured that you will receive all the information that you will need so that you can succeed in your very own real world businesses.

The Older Version of this Book(120 pages) is a Hot Seller at,, and for $17.00 in it's paperback form.

Welcome to one of the most dynamic business books on the market in today. This hot innovative book is full of powerful information on how to set yourself up in business.

In this 276 page brand new publication Donny Lowy gives you step by step instructions to five home businesses that can generate over $250,000 per annum … starting with little or no investment.

He reveals the most practical money making secrets today. Most people have the desire and the ability to make this type of money but they lack the one crucial component necessary.

The crucial component is information.

Information is the lifeblood of all businesses. Without it you can have all the ambition in the world, but you’ll never really be able to achieve what you want. You can be willing to rise at dawn and work until midnight every day, but without this critical component of information you’ll still be left empty handed. This is because having critical information is the blue print for your success. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own real world business and have been looking for a legitimate opportunity that could make you money, you won’t want to pass this invaluable and extremely informative manual by. 

Donny has created this practical, business success road map for you to follow. Page by page he takes you through all of the steps needed to build your very own financial freedom.

will learn how to:

  • Buy brand new merchandise for as little as 5% on the dollar.

  • Receive free advertising in leading publications.

  • Connect buyers and sellers and earn up to $10,000 in the process.

  • Locate sources of merchandise that will pay you to sell their merchandise.

  • Save up to 95% of the wholesale price on over 1,000 items.

  • Get started with nothing more than a computer and a phone line.

  • Set up a free web site to sell other people's merchandise and establish a profit for yourself.

  • Make up to $250,000 a year at auctions as a seller or a buyer.

The author
, Donny Lowy, is an established entrepreneur who has excelled in many businesses and money making ventures. He has now compiled his experience and knowledge into this fascinating manual.

If you are ready to make money in your own business you need to read this book. If you apply this information you will soon be on your way to establishing a million dollar net worth.

This 276-page Master Piece is Yours  

For Only $27.00


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365 Days Money Back Guarantee!


I asked Donny Lowy to give me the best reason why I should buy his books. 

He replied with the confidence of a true leader. 

"Because I will personally guide you to succeed by providing you with my personal contact information in my publications."

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