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Ways To Earn Cash From The Internet - Money & Power: An Interview With Allen Says

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Finally, you can...

"Take The Craziest Internet Marketing Mind Hostage And Force Him to Reveal Every One of His Powerful Cash-Producing Secrets That Anyone Can Use to Pull in Massive Loads of Cash From the Internet"

Find Out How You Can Create Automatic Money-Sucking Machines Using
Low Cost or NO Cost Strategies Literally Overnight!"

Secrets That Have Shocked Even the Top Internet Marketers...

"I have never even remotely encountered anything like Money & Power." - Jonathan Mizel

"...create infinite riches online or off practically at will." - Yanik Silver

"Burn it...Allen is sharing too much...Way too much." - Jimmy D. Brown

"...a very rare and powerful gem." - Willie Crawford

" of the best offers I've jumped on in a long time." - Chayden A. Bates

"...a 'blueprint for success'..." - John Calder

"...profound...powerful...awe inspiring...definitely a winner!" - Teresa King

"If I have to remember only 1 book that I read in 2002, this has to be the one! - Tom Hua

Dear friend,

What if you had the chance to take a daring look inside the mind of a crazed marketing genius and discover what really makes him tick? A chance to find the "real" secrets to not only explosive marketing and wealth creation but to true power and success?

If you want to learn the secrets to supercharge your marketing and your profits, to stomp through every success barrier in your way, and to increase the wealth, power & pleasure of your life exponentially, I have some life-changing information to share with you...

I have finally discovered exactly how this crazy marketing genius does it all!

This man is a true pioneer and is responsible for many "firsts" in Internet marketing strategies and concepts that are light years ahead of their time. But there's something else that I've come to find out about him.

You see, many people have tried to get an exclusive interview with Allen Says, to pick his brain and find out exactly how he became the epitome of Money and Power! But no one has been successful in getting it...

...Until now!

I got the interview! And it is one of the most incredible interviews the Internet will ever get to see!

I was able to get a special, highly coveted, "no holds barred", full disclosure interview with the man himself -- an encounter that just blew me away! Believe me, this is something you need to get your hands on now! It's the kind of knowledge you simply cannot ignore!

Here's what two successful Internet marketers and Warrior members had to share after reading the interview...


You and Allen have an incredible book with "Money And Power." It's one of those ebooks that I printed out and read several times with a marker in hand. Every time that I read it something new that I can - and will - put to immediate use jumps out at me.

Allen has an incredible sense of where many aspects of this internet marketing business is headed. His insights into how to best utilize ebooks and reprint rights are priceless. I also gained tremendous appreciation of what it means to be an "Internet Marketing Warrior." I gained a sense of history, pride and inspiration. Allen shared his on-line business experience from the very beginning and then tells where he's headed in the future.

Thanks for giving us a very rare and powerful gem."

Willie Crawford - Willie Crawford, Inc. MasterThePayPerClicks.Com InternetMarketingSeminarSchedule.Com

"Bryan and Allen,

I've read through the interview twice. Could you please limit the number of people reading it?

It is a "blueprint for success", I would prefer if the success came my way.

Just kidding.

I foresee a LOT of successful people springing up all over the net in 2003 just because of this one interview.

There are no secrets. Plain and simple."

John Calder

I sat in complete awe as Allen revealed it he described, in shocking detail, the secrets behind his super success and celebrity he blew away one marketing myth after another into oblivion! (The same myths and lies that many other gurus are still preaching - and charging big bucks for!)

But that's not all. He also revealed something more important and much more powerful than "cutting edge marketing stuff."     

In this mind blowing interview, Allen revealed secrets that can allow you to wield true power! Power over yourself, power over others, and power over everything else in your life!

In my 14+ years of studying wealth and power (including information on business, marketing, mind power, self-improvement and success), I have not come across information like this. It is simply mind-blowing!

And the best part is, there are no theories or half-baked ideas here. Allen only shares secrets that actually work! Secrets that produce amazing results! Ideas that open you up to new ways of thinking. You won't find this information anywhere else! Because it comes straight from Allen. Through his own studies and tests.

Just listen to what one of the most popular, successful and highly respected online marketers had to say about the interview. And, this man has seen it all...

Dear Bryan,

I read something on the order of 100 marketing eBooks a year. However, I have never even remotely encountered anything like Money & Power. Allen Says reveals secrets about wealth and prosperity that come only from hard-won knowledge and years of real-life experience as an entrepreneur.

Whether you are just starting out or you're an "old hand" at marketing, selling, and starting a business, this book presents a formula for success you may be unfamiliar with; a combination of ethics, honesty, spirituality, and plain old common sense. Just buy it and read it, you'll be glad you did.

Jonathan Mizel

Another very well known and successful marketer had this to say...

"Sorry this ebook will not show how to get to the top of the search engines, how to write hypnotic emails, or how to do joint venture deals...but it will give you something even more important!

Yes, that's right! You'll discover the philosophy and inside "core" thinking of how to succeed online. The true foundation of how to program your mind to create infinite riches online or off practically at will."

-Yanik Silver
Author, "Instant Internet Profits"

This is the "millionaire mindset" revealed! Along with the fundamentals and strategies that you can use right now to create unbelievable wealth and power in your own life!

Here are just some of the mind-blowing information you will discover...

  • The #1 hottest profit strategy that the "inner circle" marketing gurus just can't stop talking about!
  • How Allen pulled in $600,000 in profits within just a few months despite all the copycat sites continuously popping up all around him!
  • Allen's latest killer tactic revealed - that allows him to easily grow his business, his customer base, and his profits dramatically! Six years later and he's still continuing to grow at an unbelievable rate! Would you like to know how he's doing it these days? ;-)
  • How to completely and permanently eliminate your competition! (One simple secret will do it!)
  • What the biggest myths being pushed by gurus are and why it's costing you bigtime! (Including the latest copywriting 'fads' floating around and the real "truth" behind them.)
  • The ultimate secret to making a sales letter truly seductive so people can't help but pull out that credit card and buy right now? (No one else is teaching you this stuff!)
  • How to say exactly what they want to hear and get them to feel exactly what they want to feel inside (emotionally) in order to buy your product NOW!
  • How someone completely new to online marketing can come in and start making serious money very quickly!
  • The easiest way that anyone can come on the net with virtually no money and start making sales. (You don't even need a product for this!)

"Hi Bryan, I just finished reading your new ebook 'Money and Power'. It is a wonderful book filled with 'Pure Gold'.

If I have to remember only one book that I read in 2002, this has to be the one! I would highly recommend it to anyone."

-Tom Hua

"I remember once when Bryan kindly agreed to answer an interview about his success. He answered it so well. I told him it was wonderful and he replied, "An interview is only as good as the the one who gives the interview."

Of course, I glowed with his kind words.

Now, it's my turn to tell him that his interview had me reading and savoring every word. It's profound; it's powerful; it's awe inspiring and it's definitely a winner!

This interview is not only about making money, but the power within yourself to make a success out of anything that you want in life. When you want to know about how to create your success in not just money, but in anything you want to change or improve, then read this interview.

Bryan has asked incredible questions and Allen answers them with his usual no nonsense, no blindfolds, no hidden secrets style! Get it now."

Teresa King

  • Discover Allen's explosive formula for creating winning products! This simple formula will blow you away and make all the gurus cringe!
  • How to create that elusive product millions of others are looking for right now. (It's so simple that even the people who have heard about it still don't fully understand the true power laying dormant within it, just waiting to be unleashed!)
  • How to create a brand new product and business - from conception, to completion, to instant sales pouring in followed by a never-ending stream of profits for you - all in as little as 8 days! (That's one week!)
  • Learn the absolute best way to get "buying" traffic to your site. Not just to make your web counter look impressive but to actually make your bank account look impressive! (Nothing comes close to this - not search engines, not pay-per-click sites, nothing!) Also find out what biggest traffic mistake is that almost everyone's making!
  • How one simple change in your ebook can create an endless stream of profits for you! Imagine doing a few of these and being able to jump up at a moment's notice and heading out to a sunny beach on a Caribbean Island - or to anywhere else on the globe - without any worries.
  • Find out why the most fundamental and powerful marketing strategy is about to become extinct! And how Allen has taken care of this huge problem with one creative yet simple strategy.
  • How a simple yet "shocking" secret can turn your product and business into the only one customers are drawn to! Watch as they are magnetized towards you! Allen has used this strategy to create thousands of lifetime friends and loyal customers! And he continues to do so everyday!
  • Discover where Allen gets all his killer ideas from! You'll be surprised at what you learn! Find out how to guarantee your success by using this one simple technique to come up with your own foolproof ideas and projects!
  • The one powerful secret that all the thousands of self-improvement and success books have been trying to tell you. Learn this and your life would be forever changed. All things you desire would be drawn to you effortlessly! People around you would sense some incredible, attractive power about you that they would not be able to explain.
  • How to easily train your mind to think like an Einstein or an Edison and come up with amazing million dollar ideas! Create instant flashes of genius at will!
  •  Find out how Allen charges up the articles, reports, and ebooks he writes to totally captivate his readers. Now you too can write like him, and exude the bold confidence and power through your writings that move people emotionally and draw them to you!
  • The biggest mistakes almost all marketers (new and seasoned) are making and how you can eliminate them! Mess this one up and it won't matter how great your product is! You won't sell any.
  • The worst mistake Allen ever made that he's lucky to have recovered from it! (Find out so you don't make this one! It's a biggie!)
  • The #1 way to motivate yourself to take action on your million dollar ideas so others don't beat you to the finish line!
  • Several new and powerful moneymaking ideas revealed by Allen that no one else has thought of yet! You can be the first to take one of these and run with it!
  • You hear a lot these days about mind power, visualization, meditation, affirmations, mental programing, and so on. Here's your chance to find out the shocking truth behind them! Get Allen's views on these commonly taught success methods. His answers and explanations are eye opening!
  • Discover how Allen, through his own personal research and experiments, has taken some of the popular success concepts to a whole new level to make them more powerful then ever before!! (You definitely won't read about this anywhere else!)
  • A deceptively simple technique that can change your life in ways you can not even begin to imagine. Easily turn into a magnetic, vibrant, outgoing powerhouse with all the partners you could handle - if you wanted them.
  • How to become irresistible to the opposite sex instantly! Exude the magnetic and attractive energy that easily draws them to you! (I told you this would go way beyond "marketing!" ;-)
  • And...Find out what worries Allen about the future of online marketing and why it could affect us in a very big and very negative way. Which is all the more reason to hurry up and put this knowledge to use immediately and grab your share of the online fortune - before it's too late! be brutally honest with you, this letter does not give the interview the full credit and praise that it deserves. All I can say is, everytime I go through the interview, I get a rush that's indescribable. I can't put it to words.

I'm also completely revamping my business strategy, my website and my products (and I'm even making some important changes to other areas of my life) after going through this revealing interview with Allen. Despite the fact that I have spent several years studying the subjects of money, power, and success. I hope that gives you some idea of the magnitude we're dealing with here.

The bottom line is...Allen uses these powerful secrets himself. And the results are obvious. He has set himself apart from everyone else! He has made millions of dollars in the process (and continues to do so), and he has customers and members that absolutely love him and are magnetized towards him!

That fact alone is all I need to convince me to put this knowledge to use in my own life right now! How about you?

"Hey, Bryan.

Over the Christmas break I was able to finish off your Interview with Allen, and I have to tell you, this is the most inspiring read I've had since Allen wrote Internet Cash Machines. I actually wish I waited until I was home to read this (I was at my Grandma's at the time), because I was so inspired that it hurt not being able to act on the dozens of ideas I had on the way through the Interview. I had to wait until 6 or 7 hours later before I got a chance to do anything about energy and ideas that I had. So for anyone who's considering this book, I would suggest that you tell them to have a pen and paper ready, not to mention be by their computer to act on their inspirations.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I love the fact that you were able to "dig up Allen's past." I knew a bit about it from past discussions with Allen, but have always wondered how and where he came from. How he built up the Warriors' site. And where the heck he comes up with these "insanely simple, yet powerfully profitable" systems of getting the word out about his offers. He's always one of the first to spot, or even make a trend, and I'm a sinner for saying, but I envy his ability to do so. Now I have it - "his secret." I actually do some of what he talks about..., but with Allen's added suggestions, this is a can't miss winner.

Bottom line, I just wanted to tell you thank you for getting, then publishing this Interview. By far one of the best offers I've jumped on in a long time."

Chayden A. Bates
The Effective Marketing Group

As you tear through answer after answer that Allen reveals, you'll begin to understand just how his crazy genius mind works! You'll get a glimpse of a Master at work! Doing what he does best! You'll finally get to see how he creates brand new businesses overnight, and starts making money instantly!

You'll learn how he creates an atmosphere and environment around him and his business that his customers just can't get enough of! You'll finally begin to understand the true power that he secretly wields behind his methods.

And you know what the best part is? Allen is a master of simplicity and he is great at explaining everything in such a way that anyone can "get it." He explains everything in simple terms so there is no confusion at all! Plus, his writing style is so unique that it will inspire you beyond belief. The message will really sink in! You will want to start putting all this powerful information to use right away! Anyone can take this knowledge and start enjoying incredible success and wealth, very quickly! Success and wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

There's an excellent saying by William Arthur that comes to mind...

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher
demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
-- William Arthur

Allen does all of that! Not only does he reveal his most powerful secrets, he does it in such a way that it inspires you beyond belief! You just want to jump out of your chair and go after your dreams! If you've read any of his reports and ebooks before, you probably know what I'm talking about.

This interview is so dense with useful information, it's like jamming 5 books into one.

This is not like any of the boring interviews you may have read. Nor is this a "one-liner" question & answer interview that you see all over the Internet. Oh no. I have dug deep! And the answers? Man on man, the answers are no one liners either. On almost every question I asked, Allen responded with an entire article! None of this bantering back and forth like you've seen in other interviews.

Yet, as a whole, the book isn't a 100 page monster either. It's short and to the point - so there's no filler or fluff! Just the stuff that works! (It's actually under 50 pages but extremely meaty.) There's nothing here that you don't want. It's filled only with powerful, even deadly, and sometimes highly controversial information that you can put to use right away! (No one else wants to talk about this stuff, and fewer people know that it even exists!)

Take it from another successful online marketer below...


Throw the eBook with Allen away immediately. Burn it. Don't let another person see it. Ever. If anyone is reading this at your site, don't buy the Money and Power eBook. Please. Just spend your money on one of those eBook collections somewhere, but stay away from Bryan's interview with Allen.

Why? Because I don't need anymore competition!!! Allen is sharing too much good stuff in there. Way too much.

If you're going to sell it, price it at $497.00 or something like that so only a few people buy it. I don't need anymore competition!!! <smile>"

Jimmy D. Brown

Ways To Earn Cash From The Internet - Money & Power: An Interview With Allen Says
Listen...Get your hands on this interview today!
And I would strongly recommend that you read it several times - cover to cover - to really get it all. There's a lot of powerful stuff in it. I pick up more insight and powerful knowledge every time I go through it. I guarantee that you won't be able to sleep at night after reading it just once! I know because that's what I went through! :-)   My mind was firing off in 20 different directions over the excitement of all the ways I could use this information and all the things I could do. Talk about putting your mind and your finances into hyperdrive! It's really amazing.

I initially wanted to sell this interview for $39.95. And, believe me, that is a great deal! But...I've decided to try out something crazy...

For right now, I'm giving this powerful interview away for only $27.00, which really is ridiculously cheap considering what you'll get in return. I would be willing to pay at least 3 times as much for it. In fact, I don't think I can put a dollar value to this knowledge. It's priceless. The true value of it can only be measured by what you get "out" of this knowledge... success and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Try putting a dollar value on that :-)

Yet, for now, you can have it all for just $27. Am I going to keep the price this low forever? I really don't know so I can't promise you that...

I know I can easily sell this for twice or even 3 times as much. So, if I were you, I'd get it right now while I'm still deciding on the price.

Plus, when you order this powerful interview right now, you also get...

The Ultimate Bonus!

Access To The Famous Internet Marketing Warriors

The Warriors site has been my "secret weapon" for many years. The killer marketing and business information you'll find inside this site is worth thousands of dollars by itself! I really haven't seen anything like it anywhere else on the Internet. And, I have been looking for quite a few years!

Some examples of the books inside the Warrior site that you can download immediately are....

Classified Magic...82 Pages, E-Book Secrets...468 Pages, Maximum Profits In Minimum Time...104 Pages, The Master Key System...98 Pages, Electronic Publishing 2001...213 Pages, Magnetic Sales Letters...281 Pages, eBay Secrets...154 Pages, Digital Selling Power...203 Pages, 63 Killer Marketing Strategies...117 Pages...Methods of Marketing Masters Seminar Transcripts... Over 600 Pages, The ePublishers Resource Book...283 Pages, The Magic Story...Two parts, Seven Steps To Freedom...172 Pages, Magic Floppy...23 Pages...and thousands more books, articles and reports.

And of course, as much as I love this interview, you still get a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you discover within these pages. So you really have nothing to lose by at least trying this information out risk free. I'm confident that you'll fall in love with it immediately.

If for some reason, you don't feel it's worth the price, just let me know and I'll give you a quick refund of your payment.

Order now with complete confidence...and change your financial future - and your life - forever!

Only $27.00

Immediate Download

(Available in PC and Mac Formats)

P.S. Remember, you won't find this information anywhere else! A lot of the stuff Allen shares comes straight from his head - created from tests, studies, and in-the-trench work that Allen himself did. (Just read the testimonials on this page and you'll see what I mean.) If you are ready to start creating the kind of life that most people only dream about, this is the product for you! My life is continuing to evolve in ways I can't even describe. And I've only had access to this information for a few short weeks! Get your copy now - absolutely risk free!

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