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I have over ten years experience dealing with wholesalers around the World. If you want to trade stock on or offline, maybe I can be of some help....

Richard Grady author of 'The UK-Trader's UK Wholesale Guide'

UK-Trader's UK Wholesale Guide  

Do you sell on online auctions?  (or do you want to?)

Do you own a shop?  (or would you like to?)

Do you sell at car-boot fairs or markets? (or do you plan to?)

Do you have any kind of business, full or part-time that involves buying stock and reselling it?

UK Wholesalers And UK Trader's Guide

If the answer to any of the above questions is 'YES', then please take a moment to read this page - it will save you time AND money....

There is a good chance that you found this site after using a search engine to try and find a
UK wholesale supplier for a particular product.  I am guessing that you didn't manage to find a suitable supplier, hence the visit to this site. 

How do I know this? 

Because I have been in your position before....

My name is Richard Grady and I started a business in 1998 and desperately needed details of
quality UK wholesale suppliers.  I spent hours searching the Internet, only to find that the minimal information available was of extremely poor quality.  Unfortunately this situation hasn't really changed since 1998 and it is still very hard to find wholesaler information on the Internet.  One of the main reasons for this is that many of the best UK wholesalers do not have a website, therefore they have no presence on the world wide web and as such are impossible to find.

In order to try and tackle this problem and after spending over 3 years building up a directory of quality UK wholesalers, I have written an eBook which has become something of a best seller -
'The UK-Traders UK Wholesale Guide'.  

The guide was originally aimed at the small trader looking to set up a business from home selling on online auctions such as eBay.  However, it has now developed into a huge database that is used by all manner of business people, from shop owners to market stall holders to mail order companies.  If you need a directory of quality UK wholesale sources, then
you need this eBook.

I guarantee that you will
save yourself hours of time searching the Internet and as stated above, many wholesalers do not have a website, so you are highly unlikely to ever find them using search engines - as far as the Internet is concerned - they don't even exist!

Whatever you need a wholesaler for, this eBook will help you.  Since it was first published in 2001, it has been purchased by thousands of customers and
I am yet to receive a genuine complaint - not a bad record.  In addition, the eBook is updated every few months and once you have purchased the current copy, you will be entitled to future updates completely free of charge - you can download the latest version from this website at any time.

The following products
and many more like them, are all available from wholesalers in this directory:


Many of the current eBay PowerSellers are already buying their stock from wholesalers in this directory!


Don't waste any more of your time trawling the net - I really don't think you will find what you are looking for - believe me, I have been there before you.

Many people make their living buying and selling - it's a great way to earn money and just about anyone can do it! 
The key is knowing where to buy stock at low, low prices -  my eBook will tell you this!!!

When I used to sell on eBay (I don't have the time these days, but do occasionally have a bit of a trade around Christmas and holidays, just to keep my hand in),
I could regularly achieve sales of £500 a week working part-time (I still had a full-time job).  It started off as a hobby as I have always enjoyed buying and selling, but ended up generating a superb second income.  Thousands of people do exactly the same the World over.  Not everyone wants to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a year (though this is possible), some just want an extra £500 a month 'pocket-money' (and this is really not that hard to do).

The eBook directory contains details of wholesaler name, address, telephone number and if applicable, fax number, email address and web address.  The ebook is broken down into the following sections for easy reference:













•& MORE!


There are thousands of bargains to be had from the suppliers listed in this directory and their stock is changing on a daily basis, so there is always something new!!  Save yourself hours of time in searching for wholesale suppliers - this eBook is all you need.

Remember, the directory comes with
FREE updates - there is a link inside the eBook and whenever a new update is published, you can download it completely free of charge!

The cost of this directory is just
$8.99and it can be downloaded right now. Just click on the link below to make your payment and you will then be transferred to the download page. 

Note: This eBook has been published in .pdf format, which means that it can be read by both PC and Mac users.  To read the guide, you simply need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, most computers are sold with this software installed, but if you don't have a copy, it is available for free download from Adobe - there is a link on the download page that you will be emailed after you have made your payment.

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