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Joe Kumar is an 18 year old full-time student living in sunny Singapore. He started off groping in the online marketing dark in November 2001.

All he did for the next 16 months was read, study and absorb everything he could about marketing on the internet, a bare minimum of 2 hours a day.

Even though he constantly felt he knew enough to start an Internet business, he never really had the guts nor courage to do so (this is the BIGGEST mistake most people make).

He remained inactive until February 2003, when he finally said to himself: "I'm sick of sitting in the sidelines. Internet Marketing industry, here I come!"

With assistance and mentorship by arguably the greatest Internet Marketer of all time (Mark Joyner - the "Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing"), Joe is poised to take his place as a true Internet Marketing expert, himself!

When Joe Kumar brings you his first product: "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success", he brings you the collective knowledge and expertise of himself and his panel of Internet Marketing experts combined, including: Mark Joyner, Michael T Glaspie, Chris Widener, Jim Straw, Joe Vitale, Marc & Terry Goldman, Neil Shearing and Phil Wiley among others.

Joe and his expert panel will transform you from a brand spanking newbie to an Internet Marketing expert in 30 days or less, GUARANTEED, or you'll be refunded all your dues.

Joe personally applies the knowledge within his own product every single day to help him achieve success in the Internet Marketing battlefield, and if you're smart, so would you! You're being handed an unprecedented opportunity to finally realize your dreams of creating a successful business that takes care of you and your family. The question is do you want it?

Internet Marketing Success (in 30 Days)!

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success! - Internet Marketing eBook

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