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Who the Heck is Joe Kumar? Click Here to Find Out!

Are you sick of those lies and tired of being ripped off by Internet "gurus" over and over again? I am ready to spit fire!

"STOP Leaving Success To Chance! Just ONE Of
30 Day Money Making Blueprints Will Help You
Create An Extraordinary Online Income Even If You Have
Absolutely No Money, No Website, No Product, And
Your Creditors Are Waiting To Bite Any Moment!"

If you're skeptical, that's normal and healthy. I'll show you how you can prove to yourself that my bold promise is 100% true!

Here's what Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, Author of "Advanced Hypnotic
Writing" has to say about 30 Days to YOUR Internet Marketing Success:

"Fantastic! I haven't seen a source of marketing know-how as good as this one in too many moons. This is a HUGE collection of proven ideas ready for anyone to take and profit with. What are you waiting for? Grab this one and make your own gold mine!"

Joe Vitale

From the desk of: Joe Kumar

Subject: 30 Days To YOUR
Internet Marketing Success

Dear Friend,

Has this EVER crossed your mind?

This whole Internet Marketing thing is hogwash. Only the "gurus" are making money. How am I, a complete newbie, with no web design knowledge, no product, no list, no nothing (with a truckload of debts to top it all up), EVER gonna make the kind of money these "gurus" say is possible? Plus, I've been burnt so many times before that I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Well it certainly has crossed mine, and I’m quite sure it has crossed yours too. Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing all those claims about being able to make “kick butt profits” online?

I’ve decided that enough is enough! It’s time to see if these so called ‘gurus’ really live up to their name. Here's a challenge I posed to virtually all the “gurus” out there:

"Hey <Guru Name Here>,

You suddenly lose all your money, along with your name and reputation, and only have your marketing know-how left.

You have bills piled high and people harassing you for money over the phone.

Plus, you have a guaranteed roof over your head, a phone line, and an internet connection for only one month.

You no longer have your big guru name or JV partners. Other than your vast marketing experience, you're an unknown newbie.

What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to save yourself?

Joe Kumar”

Call me a heckler, marketing rebel, it’s up to you what you wanna call me. How DARE Joe Kumar pose such a challenge to the ‘Gurus’. Well WHY NOT? I’ve got nothing much to lose anyway. I’m 18 years old, and I pretty much have nothing except my burning quest to discover the TRUTH about Internet Marketing.

Honestly, I would rather tick off a whole bunch of people than have to delude myself about Internet Marketing.

I gave these ‘gurus’ a deadline to respond to. Many agreed to participate. (These guys had brass balls) Some ignored my emails, probably because they were too “chicken”, or they were too “busy” as they would like to have others believe.

Above all, I was pretty confident that my challenge would humiliate the ‘gurus’. In retrospect, I did issue some really tough conditions that they had to work under, and I was quite sure that they would fail pretty miserably, and I can then go on being convinced that Internet Marketing is a sham and scam.

I Laughed When I Saw One Marketing
Plan. I Went Dumb When I Saw Another!


I awoke with a smirk on my face. The first answer came in. I read it, and rolled on the floor with laughter!! Even my dog could come up with something better. What a bunch of bull. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was about to turn off my computer when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a name that I recognized as one of the “big names” I had emailed. It must have came in while I was rolling on the floor. Time for more comic relief before I called it quits.

I clicked on it and the first sentence immediately grabbed my attention.

Hmm…I went on the next sentence... and this led me to the next and by the time I was done with the email, my mouth was wider than the Grand Canyon, and all I could do was sit there like a wooden dummy, stunned speechless. I think..if there was a snapshot of me at that moment, I probably looked like a goldfish.

I think using the word “genius” would be an understatement to describe the 30 day marketing plan that ‘guru’ submitted. Everything was laid out in concise detail, down to the nitty gritty. It was like Do this, now do that, and followed by this, and at the end of it, you’ll have a full fledged, thriving Online business.

Now mind you, I have read my fair share of crappy ebooks as well as fine marketing manuals, but NEVER have I EVER seen a money making blueprint the likes of this!

I re-read the 30 day plan, looking out for “loopholes”, like having to spend sums of money in some form or another, using special programs well beyond the reach of the average person, or having to “know” certain people.

As amazing as it might sound, the blueprint was almost flawless. There and then, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if I followed the plan to a T, I was GUARANTEED to make money!

Failure was virtually impossible!

I could hardly believe what laid in front of my eyes! It was as though God had spoken.
But.. this was ONLY the beginning. MORE 30 day marketing plans started coming in, and they left me shaking my head in sheer disbelief.

They left me TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully apply the tested and proven marketing secrets found in these 30 Day Marketing Plans, could become the next Internet Marketing Success Story.

Sure, I had received my fair share of duds and completely USELESS plans, but there was GOLD to be found in the gravel.

Here’s what I’ve done. I’ve selected the crème de la crème of the 30 day Marketing Plans and split them into 2 Volumes. This was done out of necessity, as Volume 1 alone is 535 Fat-free pages, while Volume 2 is a whopping 627 pages of pure content! These are the roses among the thorns, and they are well worth their weight in gold.

Both Volumes are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format so you can view
them from any browser. Here’s the line up for Volume 1

Adrian Ling, Anne Ahira, Bryan Kumar, Carmen Maranon, Charles Burke, Chris Widener, Dom Vonarburg, Gary Knuckles, Gauher Chaudhry, Graham Hamer, Harvey Segal, Irena Whitfield, Jason Mangrum, Jeff Mulligan, Jim Straw, Joe Vitale, John Colanzi, Josh Hinds, June Yeap, Karol Gajda, Marc & Terry Goldman, Marie Myers, Mark Joyner, Michael T Glaspie, Milana Leshinsky, Neil Shearing, Paul Barrs, Phil Wiley, Rebecca Hagel, Rick Adams

And here's the line up for Volume 2

Alannah Moore, Barbara Ling, Bogdan Ravaru, Brian Terry, Charlie Page, Chris Bloor, Diane Hughes, Eva Browne-Patterson, Gary Baker, Gary Harvey, Holly Cotter, Jack Humphrey, Jim Cockrum, John Delavera, Kevin Bidwell, Klaus Dahl, Len Thurmond, Louis Allport, Mani Sivasubramaniam, Michael Green, Mike Lamb, Mike Merz, Paul Colligan, Peter Sun, Rod Beckwith, Ryan Deiss, Scott Aughtmon, Semmy Stumpp, Steve Humphrey, Stone Evans, Willie Crawford

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success! - Internet Marketing eBook

"Give Me and My Panel of Internet Marketing
30 Days, and We'll Radically and Ruthlessly
Transform You Into An Internet Marketing Expert
Yourself, GUARANTEED, or We'll Give You ALL Your
Money Back, and You Can Even Keep the $1094.00
in FREE Bonus Gifts As Our Way of Saying Sorry
For Wasting Your Time!"

"Joe, if you sell this manual at any price below $500, then you're a crazy, certifiably insane $%!&*."

- Jo Han Mok

I cannot imagine how many successful entrepreneurs will be created from these plans. Don’t take my word for it though.

Here’s what others are saying:

"Joe Kumar has somehow managed to lasso and corral the biggest Names on the net and convince them to spill their guts and share their secrets before he set them free.

My hats off to you Joe, a great job!

A Masterpiece!"

Michael T Glaspie


"This is the THE best compilation product of experts I've ever seen. If you learn just 1 tip from each expert and put it into practise, you WILL succeed in your Internet Business.

I myself have learnt so much from these gurus and recommend this book heartily to anyone interested in starting an Internet Business."

Adrian Ling


"Hi Joe

I just finished reviewing the product "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success". I must say it is EXCELLENT. It contains great step by step examples that people can use to help them begin or boost their internet profits.

It proves one of my favorite tips "do what fits you best". This is an excellent and huge collection of how (real) people use different methods to generate cash from their online business in 30 days or less.


Gary Knuckles



The product is awesome! It was especially interesting to me that ALL marketers agree on the first initial step to take in their 30-day plan - it's amazing! If anybody misses this step, they'll be wondering later what went wrong, and why they're not seeing any sales. I consider this e-book required reading for anyone trying to start a Web business."

Milana Leshinsky


"A real jewel you have here! An unbelievable amount of creative ideas and suggestions that anyone can use (newbie to experiened marketer) to start or regenerate their online business. This is an amazing resource that provides real ideas that can be used right now. It's exciting to see the variety of answers from so many Internet marketers. Congratulations on a great concept and product!"

Rick Adams



Your book is a winner. I wish I'd have thought of it. For any marketer who says they don't know where to start, you've taken away all their excuses. You've given enough different points of view, that even a newbie can get off to a fast start.

I really think the book will give a lot of new marketers a place to get started."

John Colanzi


"I'm pleased to be part of this great and unique project.

Joe's idea is so different from the regular interviews around. I'm a hundred per cent sure that this book will be of big help to both newcomers to the Net and seasoned marketers.

I wish I'd had such an assistant when I was new on the Net. It would have saved me countless hours of trying, testing and searching for what works. Even now I couldn't wait to get it in my hands and read it from cover to cover. If I should use just one word, it'd be: Excellent!

I fully recommend it to everyone wishing to succeed online."

Irena Whitfield


"Joe, this is absolutely amazing!

I have to admit that I have NEVER seen another eBook this powerful in my life. In fact, I don't think there's another product out there that can come even close to the amount of information you'll receive when you order this product.

You not only get a complete start up plan that'll take you from 'zero to hero' in only 30 days, but you get it from 30 of the world's TOP marketers!

Joe, you've outdone yourself with this one!


Best Riches,

Jason Mangrum


"If I get one or two new ideas from a book, I count it profitable. This one is special. I must have picked better than a dozen tips and how tos. Great approach.

It's shocking how much we can learn and still be be miles from a straight-to-the-money action plan. Well, this amazing collection hands you armloads of plans. All you need to do is pick one and hit GO. Super-condensed know-how!"

Charles Burke


"If you don't get a minimum of FIFTY SOLID money making ideas from this book you need to GIVE UP and get a J-O-B. I'm serious.

I wish this book had been available when I first started trying to make money on the Internet.

It's not just a brainstorm session of ideas that MIGHT work...it's a list of what DOES work. I can give no stronger endorsement.

Joe is holding the guru's feet to the fire...the scenario he pushed on us is forcing us to reveal how the "guru's" would find food money on the Internet if we suddenly had to start all over without any of the advantages we have as "gurus". It's a fantastic idea and a very revealing project."

Jim Cockrum


"Joe Kumar has come up with a unique product - one that newcomers to the Internet should embrace like a life-raft in a stormy ocean.

If you want to know how to get started - buy it.
If you want to know how to succeed - buy it.
If you just want to know - BUY IT!"

Graham Hamer


"Well done Joe!

Your new ebook, "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success" is just what the average person looking to *start* making money online is looking for!

I love the concept... get the most successful people online to say what they'd do if they had to start all over again. There are some wonderful insights into how success is achieved by these people who are "living the dream" and making millions online.

The ebook is so good, so packed with great info that I'm amazed someone didn't write it sooner!"

Neil Shearing, Ph.D.



"Hi Joe,

Not only do you showcase one, but over *2 DOZEN* easy to follow, step-by-step, get down to business and make money in 30 days, blueprint to profit! Best part is, these tried and true strategies are directly from people who are making a living with their own businesses. Avoid the mistakes and frustrations, and quickly become a successful entrepreneur with this PRICELESS resource for novices and intermediate marketers alike!"

Carmen Maranon


"Stop! Pay attention! Take action now! if you invest in only one e book this year, make it this one. This is where the rubber really hits the road. Dozens of *real marketing guru's revealing more moneymaking tips than a scruffy dog has fleas... Quick! get it now BEFORE your competitors do!"

Chris Bloor



I think you've done it...

A virtual "Blueprint for Success" anybody can follow to finally start earning an online income.

It's almost like a Choose Your Own Adventure book: Pick your favorite internet Marketer and follow exactly what he or she would do if they needed to raise a couple grand FAST! I love it!"

Karol Gajda


"'30 Days To Internet Marketing Success' is a 'road map' for anyone who wants to know exactly what "gurus" would DO from Day 1 to Day 30 if they were starting out all over again trying to make money on the Internet.

They are experienced, so they KNOW the Real Tactics and steps to do to build a successful business! This book is a MUST HAVE for everyone."

Anne Ahira


"Hi Joe,

This is simply incredible!

You have managed to compile a dazzling collection of some of the most elite marketers in the world, each one spilling the *EXACT *secrets they would use to go from broke to success in 30 days! It's an amazing read. Not even 1 or 2 Gurus but over 30 in one collection. My advice to anyone, get it now and do not delay - you will definitely regret it if you do."

Andrew Fox


"'30 Days to Internet Marketing Success' certainly helps show which elements of online success are most important - based on the opinions of many successful Internet marketers."

Marty Foley


"This book is a brilliant idea, a must-read for anyone interested in starting a business online."

Dom Vonarburg


"Hi Joe

Never before have I seen this kind of information offered on the internet. I can see that it will be a great help to anyone wanting to become successful in a short space of time. By the time anyone reads this ebook, they will have enough information to go out there and make some informed decisions about their business. They would have no reason not to become a success."

Warm Regards

Eva Browne-Paterson


"Wow Joe!

You've asked the one question that everyone who's thinking about starting their own online business is dying to know.

It's like having 30 viable business models at your disposal, and all you have to do is WORK THEM.

Great work!"

Ryan Deiss



This is an idea volcano! It seems like I got a new promotional idea on every other page. Loads of tools and resource suggestions (many of which are free), low-cost marketing strategies, and real world advice by a group of online entrepreneurs who are actually making it happen. This is good stuff."

Jeff Mulligan


"Hey, Joe!

As you know, helping Internet Marketing "newbies" launch successful Online campaigns is my specialty ... but I'm only ONE guy.

You've multiplied and magnified the process by putting together a detailed Internet Marketing "road map", with all routes leading to the ultimate destination ... Online success. Nice Job!"

Successfully yours,

Mike Merz



This is incredible. I know first hand what it's like to be out of cash with no where to go. If I'd had a resource like this when I kicked off I could have easily saved myself 2 years of effort and tons of cash.

Why didn't someone think of it earlier!

Even now, as I read through these amazing idea put forward by your authors I still find myself getting pumped up - who knew that making money Online could be so simple - right?"

Brilliant effort.

Paul Barrs


"Joe, your 30 day worst case scenario energized the heck out of me!

When I first read the "What If" scenarios I vitally remembered how I had been in the almost exact situation in my online and offline marketing life before more than once.

"30 Days To Internet Marketing Success" is like reading the solution in an unsolved marketing crime story, and the value of this easy to follow information is priceless.

The key internet links you get in Joe Kumar's "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success" alone is worth months of research, not to mention thenetwork of people you will be able to tap into for making your own success happen."

Semmy Stumpp


"Be very careful with Joe Kumar's "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success"! If you choose to read it, you must understand that if you do NOT succeed at taking a product from conception to production to sales in 30 days, you will have absolutely no excuses left for failure. That's because Joe has put together a one-of-a-kind product that gets to the very core of the ultimate question for those who want to succeed on the net fast, but don't know where to start.

Put yourself right in the shoes of experts who are placed in a dire situation and find out exactly what they would do, in their own words, to bail themselves out with nothing more than a computer and internet access. That's what you get with Joe Kumar's "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success"!

I am dead serious about this. You will not find a better fast-start guide to creating financial freedom with your own business on the net. Absolutely nothing comes close to the value of this incredible look into the minds of ultra-successful people who have stepped up and answered the toughest marketing challenge ever conceived. Mark my words: For readers with the courage to turn their dreams into results, this book will be responsible for millions of dollars in profits!"

Jack Humphrey

Here's what 30 Days to Internet Marketing Success is NOT:

• It's not another book teaching you to write an ebook.
• It's not another book asking you to buy reprint rights to other products
• It's not another book on website design or how to create a mini site.
• It's not another book trying to teach you copywriting.
• It's not another collection of FREE articles

• You will NOT need to have lots of money in the bank
• You will NOT need to be a marketing genius
• You will NOT need to talk to anyone
• You will NOT have to leave your house
• You will NOT have to deal with spam, FFAs, MLM or pyramid selling.

You ONLY need to be able to read and follow simple, easy to understand instructions!

Here's a small sampling of what you'll
discover in these marketing plans:

  • How to use ‘Limitation Disengage’ to think accurately for maximum results! Why work hard for pitiful results when you can easily outpace competitors using a simple technique? Let your competitors keep struggling. You don't have to anymore.

  • Recruit a platoon of people working for you to sell your product without paying a dime upfront. Anyone can start an affiliate program - but do you know the secret to starting a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL one?

  • The all powerful ‘early bird registration’ technique. (You can increase profits by 712% with it). Get in the buying mood before you even have anything to sell them.

  • Double your profits for LIFE with a simple thank you note. (It's more sophisticated than you think). Would you be willing to send out simple emails if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that your profits would increase? Of course you would.

  • The “instant” product technique. (Never ever be at a loss when you need to create a product. This works all the time!) Now you'll have an instant advantage over everyone who lets fear keep them from creating profitable products.

  • What a “Traffic-Pool” is and how to locate it. (You’ll be able to fish for hot prospects for life!) Would you like more buying traffic to your website? If so then this tactic alone is worth the price of this 1162-page "30 Days To Success" powerhouse.

  • Why you can be making money with your own telephone! Don't get caught up in thinking that the Internet is the only place to make money. There are people making a quiet fortune off-line and you can't afford to miss out on what they have to teach you.

  • The lowdown on doubling the effectiveness of follow up marketing by tweaking your autoresponders. Who says you have to work harder to make more money. The Internet allows you to automate your money so make the most out of it.

  • The secret behind knowing the question, the opportunity and the answer. (Hint: It’s right under your nose). Can I be more specific? No.

  • The “breakneck” factor in Ebook production (Get this wrong and you’re screwing up the sales of any Ebook your produce). So many people steal money out of their own pockets because they simply don't know what you soon will.

  • The importance of Day 29. (It will make you celebrate on Day 30 till you blackout!). It's funny but the next 30 days will seem like longest 30 days of your life but the results of your efforts will make it all worthwhile.

  • Never before revealed auction secrets! (Trust me, you’ve never seen this anywhere). Forget the hype you've heard about making thousands of dollars with no effort using Internet auctions because you're about to learn the gritty and raw truth that almost no one is telling you.

  • The 2 tools that Mark Joyner says you must have at all time. (90% of Internet Marketers probably never have these on them). Laugh quietly to yourself knowing that you're beating the hell out of your competitors using 2 simple tools they could easily be using themselves.

  • Why it’s so important to “turn off the squelcher” (Do this, and you’ll be able to create products at an accelerated rate, guaranteed!) The more time you spend creating your products the less time you have to profit from them. That won't be an issue for you anymore.

  • Where to get banner free, FREE web hosting for life! (No catches, no gimmicks! It’s true!) Think you don't need free hosting? You will after you discover the little-known secrets to creating profitable business as will. You'll need a place to put them all!

  • Save hundreds of dollars on web design tools and e-publishing tools! (Almost all of them are FREE!) You don't need to hire web designers that charge you an arm and a leg for sites that don't incorporate the proven selling principles you'll learn.

  • Surefire methods to turn your newsletter into money! (Even if you have only 10 subscribers!) Almost no one is sharing this with you. Many publishers are content to simply scrape by but you deserve better and now you don't have to settle for less!

  • How to create your own ‘idea center’ you can refer to over and over again by clicking “Print”. It’s like having your own million dollar idea generator, FREE!

  • Why the ‘sit up’ is not just an abdominal exercise and why you can make money off it! Are you curious? If so, you know what you have to do.

  • What you NEVER knew about picking a domain name. (It can cost you, or MAKE you a fortune) It bothers me when I see people picking domain names just because. You should always have a goal in mind and a solid plan to back you up.

  • The one thing you need to do to get your copy to sizzle. (Do this, and you can literally triple your conversion rate) Making money is all about convincing people that your products can help them achieve results. You only have one chance to get this right.

  • An easy way to get powerful testimonials from the top dogs in your field.(And it's not just making them up which would be a felony!) The right testimonials can boost your sales through the roof. Wanna know how to get them?

  • How to churn out a killer digital product in record time! (You’ll be breaking all the ‘rules’ on this one!) The Internet is all about speed and now you can tap into that speed to deliver hot products to you absolutely any time you want to make more money.

And WAY too much more to list here...

Yes! You Too Can Be The
Next Dot Com Millionaire!

This is the Fillet Mignon of Internet Marketing. Miracles are possible when you translate the Marketing Plans from print into action!

I'll Top Up Your Fool-Proof Passport To
Success With My Unconditional Just Slap Me
And Call Me Suzy
Iron Clad Guarantee!

I'll stick out my neck for you on this one. Just take ANY ONE of these 30 day marketing plans and put them to the test. If you try any one of them, and they do not make you any money within 30 days, I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous no questions asked, refund.

Also, if at any time whatsoever within 30 days, you feel for any reason that our product fails to live up to our promises, simply let me know and I'll immediately give you a refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

But like I said, followed to a T, these marketing plans make failure virtually impossible, so you can be pretty sure I’ll be sleeping very well at night, knowing that I’ve probably created more Internet Marketing Success Stories than having to deal with refunds of any sort.

-Joe Kumar

How Much Is Your Internet Marketing
Success Story Worth To You?

Potentially, these 2 Volumes would be worth tens, possibly hundreds of thousands to you. Even if I priced just one 30 day marketing plan at a VERY VERY low $10, your investment for Volume #1 alone would be at the very least, $300. And this is JUST Volume #1. So I guess, an appropriate price tag for both volumes would be $597, and this would already be VERY conservative.

But, this price tag is incongruent with my personal mission statement, which is to help create as many Internet Marketing Success Stories as possible through my work, and as such I do not want price to be a hindrance to anyone who has a sincere desire to write their own success story using these plans.

So here’s how I'm intending to ethically “bribe” you:

Bribe: A One For One Investment ($97 Value)

I'll personally invest Volume #2 in you, if you invest in Volume #1. It can’t get any better than that. Buy one get one free! Bear in mind, that just Volume #1 ALONE has 535 pages of hard-hitting money making information. You can probably tell that the guys in Volume #1 ain’t no Internet Marketing slouches, and you wouldn’t need me to tell you that the caliber of Internet Marketing strategies these guys are giving are probably of the highest in terms of profitability and practicality.

You’ll get TWICE the money making power with Volume #2! (I might remove this “free” gift from this page anytime as I’m doing it to see if this free gift increases response. I cannot guarantee how long you’ll see this, so I urge you to act while you can still read this!)

I have every intention to sell Volume #2 for $97 all by itself.

Yet, I still think I’d be more apt to give it to you FREE for being a go-getter, so get it before I change my mind. (Just ask my Internet Marketing Colleagues how fickle I am!) Special note: All 627 pages of Vol 2 are ALREADY AVAILABLE for immediate download in the member's area.

How Much More is Joe Kumar Willing To Bend Over?

I'll take it further. You’ll invest only $167 97 for the whole enchilada. (I’m giving you the whole shebang). Why am I doing this? Because this is probably the first time you’ve ever heard of me, and I do realize that it takes a tremendous amount of faith to buy something from someone you hardly know, so I want to put the money where my mouth is, and let my product do the talking. The last thing I want to come between us, is the price, so I’ve lowered it at the expense of getting a shelling from my Internet Marketing Colleagues, but I do believe with all my heart, that this will be worth it if I can help you achieve your Internet Marketing goals, and help you write your success story.

That being said and done, all that remains is for you to put a 30 day marketing plan of your choice into action, and sit back and watch your success story being created before your very eyes. The ball is now in your court, click on the Order button now.

Order "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success"

To Your Internet Marketing Success (in 30 Days)!

PS: I derived my marketing strategy from one of the 30 Day Marketing Plans, and it’s helping me make money in my sleep now. What are you waiting for? Someone to give you permission?

PPS: I did not say this, but I’ll swallow a cockroach (yuck!) if you don’t make any money following the marketing plans. I know it’s disgusting, but that’s how much I stand behind my product and it’s potential to help you create an online income.

Here's even more praise for Joe Kumar's
30 Days to Internet Marketing Success:

"Hi Joe,

My eyes strained because I let them stay open for too long. I just couldn't get them off from your amazing ebook. If someone is looking to jump into the online arena, then this THE resource that they should get. All the time that I've been doing business online, I've yet to find such a concentration of expert advice in a single ebook.

Great ebook and highly recommended for both newbies and experienced marketers!"

All the best!

Kaviraj Kodai


"Sometimes we miss the most obvious opportunity. Like the two questions asked by every newcomer to Internet marketing:

- Where and how do I start?
- How can I compete against the big names?

Joe has simply taken that second question and fed it to the gurus themselves. Their fascinating answers show you how they could indeed rise from oblivion, with real workable methods YOU can copy, to recapture their success within a month.

His unique book is not just for newbies but seasoned professionals too. I was amazed to discover so many gurus using one unexpected technique on Day 1 - which I'm going to practise for the remainder of my Internet marketing career."

Harvey Segal



Amazing! It's truly a masterpiece. The advice and step-by-step
guides are really, really good. Lots of eye-opening insights and
refreshing tips. The problem with people starting a web biz online is they often rush into things without thinking what they really want to achieve.

Reading advice from top Internet Marketers in this ebook makes me stop and think and really understand the whole concept behind marketing online.

An outstanding job Joe!"

June Yeap


"Phenomenal! If you want a step-by-step 'idiots guide' to how to be successful on the Internet - this ebook is it! I guarantee that you willnever have to read another 'how-to' book on running an Internet business ever again. If you can't make money from what you will find out in this ebook...then you might as well give up for good!"

Gary Vurnum


"Joe, you've just removed ANY excuse people have for not being able to make money online in 30-days or less!

This is EXACTLY what I am hearing from this market, they want to know specific, day-by-day, roadmaps to achieving massive success online starting with no money!

No hype, No bull, No theory - Just hard-hitting, detailed steps on how to create your own personal fortune online. Kudos on the best new book so far this year."

Jeff Smith



In this era of information overload and mass confusion, you have gotten to the heart of the matter by asking the right question, and then finding some of the top marketers to give you real-world,
tried-and-true action steps that just can't miss.

This is powerful stuff! Get it, use it, reap the rewards!"

Bryan Kumar


"There is no better way to master any skill than by learning from experts in your given endeveour.

If you're an aspriring pro basketball player, I say watch and learn from Michael Jordan. If you're an aspiring online business owner, I say get a copy of this ebook and learn from some of the very best in the biz!"

Bryan Winters


"Wow Joe! This is ground-breaking! I'm a copywriter so I'm privy to seeing many of these kinds of ebooks but after reviewing YOUR ebook - I was blown away by what's inside. Packed with strategies, secrets, tips and tricks from the masters of making money - this ebook beats everything else out there hands down.

My thoughts are people would be crazy not to invest in 30 Days
to Internet Marketing Success. And I assure you this is not hype. This ebook is worth a fortune. Listen, just try it, read it and use it - you'll be glad you did!"

Mike Jezek


"Dear Joe,

Your book is amazing! I've been a Home Business Consultant
since 1995. In that time, I've helped hundreds of people start successful home businesses.

In the past, though, if someone had no money to start and promote a business, I told them it would be better to get a second job until they could fund a business properly.

However, your step-by-step plan (30 of them, in fact!) will enable anyone with a sincere desire to attain success. The simple, connect-the-dots systems your contributors provided will allow me to empower those I once had to turn away.

Thank you so much - you have no idea how many lives you will impact with this ebook!"

Warm regards,

Debbi Bressler


"Hi Joe,

I'm on my second reading of your book. It is a brilliant concept executed with considerable skill for one so young!

I'm taking copious notes on the 2nd reading and have implemented many of the strategies revealed. The results for me are clear to see..they WORK!

Thanks also for your recent 1 on 1 help, you really helped me out of a big hole.

I have spent thousands of dollars in the past year looking for this kind of information so I consider your book to be outstanding value for money."

Kind regards,

Rayzee Fearnley


"What a profound idea. Joe you have created a gem that actually surpasses ALL of the hype and delivers every word it promises. Iwas so skeptical. I figured this would be a product that would be promoting dozens of affiliate links on the inside and suggest I do the same thing. Wrong! This Baby comes walking and talking with more "workable" ideas than anything on the market in it's price range.

Not only that, but you also get honest to goodness step by step instructions for caring these ideas to your own bank under your own terms. I don't give testimonials lightly because it's my name at the end of this. You better believe I would recommend this to a friend or family member sitting across from me at my dinner table. That's the test I use for a written testimonial."


Floyd Goddard


"Hello Joe,

This is a GREAT book. I've ordered many ebooks, courses, manuals, etc., over the last two years. This is one of the few times I KNOW without a doubt I got my money's worth. I've been ripped off so many times I've stopped counting. Finally, I have something of substance with real steps to follow rather than theories."


Charles Foster
Canton, OH


"Hi Joe,

30 Days To Internet Marketing Success -- is in one word -- EXCELLENT.

Upon downloading it last week, the day it became available, I read it cover to cover the very first day. I just finished a second, more intricate reading of it, today.

I assume most people feel the same way I do, that if they get 1or 2 great new marketing ideas from an ebook they consider it to be well worth the price they paid. Well I can't begin to tell you the the vast amount of detailed information I have gleaned from this masterpiece. Things that I never even thought about were spelled out in minute detail.

This ebook is very special and to think it is your first real internet marketing venture says an awful lot for you. It took a lot of guts on your part.

As for the public who may have the slightest inkling about wanting to set up a business generating income from the internet, they shouldn't hesitate one second to buy it. This ebook will fit anybody's style--there are so many options to choose from. It's all there for them. All they need to do is go for it.

Congratulations Joe on a job well done and I will be taking you up on your 1 year email consulting, you can count on it. If Volume 2 is even close to being as good as Volume 1, what an outstanding bonus that would be."

Bob Maroney


"Hiya Joe,

This is an absolutely amazing book! What astounds me is this book really does work for anyone - not just the insanely knowledgeable and well-connected gurus.

It's practical, doable, and "baby step-by-baby step" guidance that makes sense for the average JOE ;)

A spectacular "how-to" that will turn anybody who thinks they are a nobody into a money-making, successful SOMBODY!

Great work! You have my full endorsement."

Brett Krkosska


Holy cow! This kid is a genius. If you can't make money after reading this book, you are a sleep at the wheel and heading straight for a brick wall. Joe has made some of the best
marketers reveal their most closely guarded secrets. If you purchase one product this year, it has to be this masterpiece. I highly recommend it.

Rod Beckwith


"To be totally honest, I was skeptical as hell when Joe approached me about his 30 days eBook. I've seen too many crappy eBooks out there - like most have. Actually, I thought I'd read it over a weekend then forget about it. Guess what - after having read only the first 50 or so pages, I knew it would take me a month (minimum!) to read the book - because there are so many powerful ideas in it I hardly keep up taking notes as I'm reading!

Joe, congrats on a fantastic product - looking forward to Vol. 2!"

Michael Wagner


"Dear Joe,

I just bought your incredible ebook, and just can't put it away. I know that the ideas and techniques from these Top Marketers will create an endless source of inspiration to come up with new products and opportunities that I never would have discovered myself... And you said there's going to be a second part out... and I'm already suffering from Profit-Generating Information Overload! No kidding, I just wanted to say: 'Thanks for this book!' :-)"

Dirk Dupon


"One of my biggest frustrations when I started my business is that nobody who was successful would share their REAL strategies with me, and I wasted a lot of time and money.

Your new eBook,"30 Days To Internet Marketing Success" is absolutely incredible. I just wish it had been available YEARS ago!

You've provided a fabulously affordable way to be mentored by some of the best minds on the internet today.

If I were just starting out today, I would get this book in a heartbeat, soak up all the knowledge I could, and then implement my own 30-day journey to success."

Holly Cotter


"I've been reading it during breaks here, and I have to tell ya ... this
thing is SPECTACULAR, Joe! ANYONE wanting to succeed on the Internet can EASILY take one of these 30-day plans and implement it ... add a strong dose of passion and perseverance, and 'failure' becomes a perspective of ancient history - nothing but SUCCESS ahead! To you, Joe, and all your contributors, my hat is off! EXCELLENT job!"

Bryan Hall


"This does everything it says on the packet. It's the first thing
I've seen that purports to offer step-by-step strategies, that
really does spell it out and get right down to details that
anyone could follow -- even a beginner, even if you've got a very
minimal budget.

Whatever your level, you'll pick up a marketing idea here, a
resource that saves you money there and insights into the whole
Internet culture that are priceless."

Pamela Heywood


"Amazing! After literally 5 minutes into reading the book I had to put it down so I could get started on an idea I learned (the one from Jeff Mulligan)! What more can I say? I learned more from 10 pagesof this book than some of the other resources out there combined.

And trust me, I've read and reviewed A LOT of Internet marketing ebooks and courses. I'll have to update my 'Top 10' list to include this!"

Michael Murray mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MarketLikeaPro.com


"If you are starting from rock bottom and want to make an income online, this book is EXACTLY what you need.

And if you're already making a bit of an income but you're stuck for what to do next, you also need this brilliant book.

Read it, or regret it."

Phil Wiley


I give up! Show me the money Now!

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success! - Internet Marketing eBook

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